Examples of Projects

Volunteer opportunities that can be accessed from home:

*Workshops– Offered remotely by Master Gardeners, covering a variety of possible subjects, and open to the public or may be at the request of a community organization such as a Garden Club.

*Submit an idea for an article for the monthly electronic newsletter published by UMaine Extension Maine Home Garden News.  FMI please contact MHGN editor Katherine.Garland@maine.edu.

*Grow extra food in your home garden to support Maine Harvest for Hunger initiatives in your community.

*Organize and facilitate a virtual garden club or network of gardeners in your neighborhood, community, or region.  Identify the purpose of such a group and share research-based information.  Consider making it a private page and very local.

*Develop a one-hour presentation on a topic you’re passionate about.  Choose your subject, do research, take photos, develop a script.  Practice.  Send an outline to your MGV coordinator for approval and additional resources.  Once you have your show on the road, we’ll add you to a list of regional speakers for garden clubs, conferences, etc.  There’s a huge demand for this!

*Serve on your local UMaine Extension Association Executive Committee.  Read about their roles here.  These county-based groups meet virtually until further notice.

*Make garden signs for schools, community and city gardens.  Paint row markers and/or signs at home on tongue depressors, cedar shingles, rocks or boards.  Styles can be sophisticated or whimsical, but always educational.

*Assemble a list of frequently asked questions for beginning gardeners.

*Design an educational display about gardening, garden-related topic, or a gardening project for possible use at your local agricultural fair or community event.


The following projects have received conditional approval for volunteering away from home.  Please check with the York County Extension office for further information.

Maine Harvest for Hunger (MHH) Program recruits farmers and home gardeners to donate produce from their farm/garden to area food pantries shelters, and senior housing projects.  Master Gardeners can serve on the organizational team to coordinate this county-wide program, networking with shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, etc. or give their time to gleaning/delivering produce.

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm– UMaine Cooperative Extension collaborates with Laudholm Farm, allowing Master Gardener Volunteers to manage the native plant demonstration garden and an All Seasons demonstration and MHH garden on the grounds at Wells Reserve.

Plant Sale– Coordinated by 2-4 Master Gardeners and support from all Master Gardener Volunteers.  This is a major fundraising event for the York County Master Gardener Association, to support all York County Master Gardener Projects and is usually held on a Saturday in May.

Garden Angel Program links Master Gardeners (Garden Angels) with recipients who usually are elderly persons with physical or mental and financial limitations, who love to garden but need a friend, helping hand or Garden Angel to help them be able to continue gardening.

Community Gardens in various towns, allowing and encouraging the public to learn and grow more successfully.


Currently, in dealing with covid-19 safety protocols, we are limiting approval of new projects.  With that in mind, this is the Project Approval form for MGVs who wish to propose a new project.