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APPLE Pest Management - Weather Forecasts

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ote:  Some of the images and tables linked on this page use “Coordinated Universal Time” (abbreviated as “UCT”, “Z”, or “GMT”) to state the hour of the day.  Subtract 4 hours to convert UCT to Eastern Daylight Savings (EDT) from early March to early November. From early November to early March, subtract 5 hours to convert to Eastern Standard Time.  See Converting UTC time to Local time for details.

Rain & Snow Forecast Maps

Approaching precipitation

Intellicast has a 20-30 MINUTE forecast image as a static image showing where precipitation is expected in the next 20-30 minutes. Rain is falling where the image shows green (light rain), yellow (more intense rain), or red (very intense rain).  Refresh the page (hit the F5 key in most web browers) if think you are not getting the latest image.  There is a similar animation for the previous two hours. has a 6 HOUR precipitation forecast aninmation .  Click on the “Next 6 hours” button below the map, then the “Play” button.    You can move the map to see the forecast for locations north of Bangor, or zoom in for a closer view.  If you hit the “Play” button without first clicking on “Next 6 hours” button, the animation shows precipitation for the previous two hours.

The “TODAY + NEXT 24 HOURS” forecasts for both PROBABILITY and AMOUNT of precipitation are available as sets of static images for each 6-hour interval.  Select the forecast hour from the drop down list above the image.

Multi-day precip forecasts

2-DAY precipitation PROBABILITY forecasts for today, tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night as a single page with four separate U.S. maps, one for each 12 hour interval ending at 8pm or 8am.  S=showers, R=rain, TRW=thunderstorm. By Plymouth State College.  Click on a map to see large version.

2-DAY precipitation AMOUNT forecast for next 48 HOURS as a single static image.

5-DAY precipitation AMOUNT forecast — amount of rain expected from 8am today until 8am five days ahead.  Amounts expected at specific locations marked with “X”.

Text Forecasts
For individual towns:

Augusta – Waterville – Auburn – Lewiston
Bangor – Bucksport – Old Town
Bar Harbor – Ellsworth – Machias
Dover Foxcroft – Greenville
Farmington – Rumford
Fort Kent – Allagash
Houlton – Millinocket
Howland – Lincoln
Portland – Brunswick
Presque Isle – Caribou
Rangeley – Jackman


Forecast maps, icons, & data


Northeast Travel Weather for next 12 hours
Next Morning Forecast Map
Next Afternoon Forecast Map
Next Evening Forecast Map
Next Day “All Day” Forecast Map



 1–10 DAY  ICON FORECAST3 versions side by side, pick the forecast you like the most!  Link is set to Monmouth, enter your zipcode, hit return to update the page, and then select “10 Days”.

These next two may look complicated at first, but are very useful once you learn how to read them.

3-day forecast DATA TABLE for 17 Maine stations.  Detailed forecast of expected rain, temperature, windspeed, direction, cloud cover etc. at 3-hour intervals for the next 3 days.  Updated every 6 hours.  See 3-day forecast code definitions.

8-day forecast DATA TABLE for 17 Maine stations.  Similar to 3-day table, but goes 8 days ahead with less detail.  Updated every 12 hours.
8-day forecast code definitions.

AG WEATHER during growing season (April-September), currently focused on apples.

Sunshine Forecast – Series of maps that show percent of full sunshine expected for 6 hour intervals over today and tomorrow. Select the forecast hour from the drop down list above the image. Check to confirm that the day and UTC time on the map displayed is what you want. Sometimes the map shown does not match what you select.

Long Range Forecast Maps   (How to interpret these maps)

6–10  and  8–14 DAY OUTLOOKS
6–10 DAY PRECIPITATION outlook.  Indicates whether precipitation is expected to be Below, Near, or Above normal 6 – 10 days from now.   6–10 precip outlook with probabilities.

6–10 DAY TEMPERATURE outlook.  Indicates whether temperatures are expected to be Below, Near, or Above normal 6 – 10 days from now.  6–10 temp outlook with probabilities.
8–14 DAY TEMPERATURE outlook

30 day PRECIP  outlook.
30 day TEMP  outlook

Same data as above, but displayed with probabilities.  There are different links to use to get the latest version.
These two are updated on the last day of the month for the next month.
Monthly Precipitation outlook with probabilities
Monthly Temperature outlook with probabilities

From the 3rd Thursday (date varies from 15th to 21st) until the end of the month, these two are the latest update.
Updated monthly Precipitation outloook with probabilities
Updated monthly Temperature outlook with probabilities


3 month Temperature
3 month Precipitation

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