Animal Science: Sheep Learning Laboratory

4h member with a sheep The Sheep Learning Lab 4-H Science toolkit is from Ohio State University Extension Learning Labs and includes activities that cover anatomy, breeds, conformation, meat cuts, medicine labels, and animal handling. More information is available on the Sheep Learning Lab Kit page of the Ohio 4-H Youth Development, Ohio State University Extension website.

Note: This kit is from Ohio State University Extension’s 4-H Learning Lab Kits.

Included in this kit are:

  • ten breed photos
  • two sets breed name/trait identification tags (20 total)
  • eight situation statements
  • one task and answer key
  • two laminated posters of sheep body parts
  • two sets part name identification tags (48 total)
  • one laminated poster of desirable and undesirable feet and leg structures
  • one set description identification tags (14 total)
  • eight laminated photos of meat cuts
  • one laminated lamb meat cut chart
  • one laminated wholesale cuts of lamb chart
  • one set of meat cut identification tags (five total)
  • two laminated medicine posters
  • one set medication label and part identification tags (17 total)
  • one task/answer key for interpreting the medicine label
  • one injection sites card
  • one laminated safe animal handling and management poster
  • one set manipulatives
  • one medication bottle
  • one syringe-style pipette
  • nine zipper pouches
  • one carrying case
  • one educators curriculum guide
  • one educators resource set
  • one DVD, Critical Points of Quality Assurance and Animal Care