Wired for Wind

The Wired for Wind kit uses the Wired for Wind experiment, designed as a National Youth Science Day experiment in 2011, to have youth engage in the engineering design process for wind energy technology. Participants build and design a wind turbine, explore the importance of blade pitch and map wind areas for their own community. Through the process, participants engage in discussions about energy consumption and energy sources.

Video: 4-H Fan Experiment

Wired for Wind Project Kit Supply List

  • six scissors
  • tape
  • low temp glue gun
  • glue sticks (for glue gun)
  • ¼″ dowels (approximately 100)
  • ten KidWind hubs
  • two Multimeters
  • four Alligator clips
  • ten PVC “T”
  • ten PVC, 6” pipes
  • five Blade pitch protractors
  • ten wind turbine generators
  • a copy of 2011 4-H National Youth Science Day Facilitator Guide
  • fifteen copies of the 2011 4-H National Youth Science Day Youth Guide

Not included in this kit, but you will also need:

  • paper
  • fan
  • poster paper or cardboard
  • pencils