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4-H Science Toolkits - Electricity Demonstrator

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This is an activity board that can be used to demonstrate 6 unique ways of electricity production.  These include solar, heat, static, magnetic induction, pressure, and chemical electricity.  This is a one-time demonstration, and is best coupled with some background or additional activities around electricity.

If you liked the Electricity experience, come visit the University of Maine!  Explore a career in Electrical Engineering – visit the Electrical and  Computer Engineering Department’s website for more information.

The UMaine College of Engineering has year-round tours and hands on activities on campus for all age students. UMaine College of Engineering is very committed in encouraging our youth, especially girls to explore engineering careers through the Girls Engineer Maine (GEM) program. To schedule a visit for your group, contact your UMaine Extension County Office, and they will work to arrange a convenient time. Boys are welcome too!

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