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4-H Science Toolkits - Offshore Wind

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platform building activityRenewable energy is changing as new research is conducted. Some of the newest research is on offshore wind power development — and much of the cutting edge research is done at the University of Maine! The Offshore Wind toolkit will engage youth in activities that highlight the importance of renewable energy, the difficulties in siting a windmill offshore, and the engineering that goes into building a wind platform that floats — in all kinds of weather!

This kit is geared toward grades 5 – 9

  • General Tool Kit Information Sheet (to reserve a tool kit): Word | PDF
  • Curriculum
  • Supply List (included with each lesson)

Are you excited about wind energy? If yes, there are opportunities to learn more about the current research on offshore wind power!

For Elementary through High School Aged youth who are excited about wind power, tours are available at the University of Maine. The Advanced Structures and Composites Center welcomes 4-H youth to campus for tours and hands-on wind power activities — create a floating wind platform and test it! To schedule a visit for your group, contact your UMaine Extension County Office, and they will work with campus staff to arrange a convenient time.

For Middle and High School Age Youth there’s an opportunity to join the Advanced Structures and Composites Center each spring for the WindStorm Challenge! Windstorm Challenge is a floating offshore wind invention competition free for all Maine middle school and high school aged students. Youth work in teams of up to four, and winning team members received a $20,000 internship at the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center. Learn more and sign up at:

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