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4-H Science Toolkits - Vernal Pools

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Vernal poolWhat is a vernal pool, and why should Maine people care about protecting them?  Based on research at the University of Maine, the Vernal Pools 4-H Science Toolkit includes activities that take youth from learning about biodiversity, to recognizing what a vernal pool is and how scientists determine if a pool is “significant”.  Instructions and materials for visiting and collecting samples from a vernal pool are included!

  • General Tool Kit Information Sheet (to reserve a tool kit): Word | PDF
  • Curriculum
  • Included in this toolkit are:
    • Twine
    • Vernal Pool Cards
    • Identification Cards
    • Game Boards
    • Game Pieces
    • Dip Nets
    • Magnifying Glasses
    • Measuring Wheel
    • Polarized Sunglasses
    • Flying Discs (sampling devices)
    • Digital Camera
    • Field Guides
    • Flash drive with all necessary visuals

MAINE EPSCoR logo This activity is supported by National Science Foundation award #EPS-0904155 to Maine EPSCoR at the University of Maine. NSF logo

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