Rubric: 4-H Photography Equity Challenge 2023

Use this Evaluation Rubric as a scoring guide to assess and articulate specific components and expectations for the 4-H Photography Equity Challenge.

Things Done Well Things That Could Be Improved Score
Equity Message: 20 points

Does your photograph effectively address an important equity issue?

  • Is the message effective?
  • Is the image appropriate for the intended audience?
  • Is the topic relevant to current times?
  • A call to action or move for change is apparent
Flow of Artwork: 20 points

Has an overall visual effect or mood of the equity artwork been achieved?

  • Shows the principles of design, is well-connected, and has an overall flow
  • Good composition and design elements
  • Shows unity and variety between ideas, scenes, shapes, or shots
  • Use of light, color, texture, and shadows to achieve an equity effect
Technical Performance: 10 points

Did you use common photographic techniques to achieve the desired effect?

  • Is the image in focus? If not, is this an intentional choice that enhances the effect?
  • Did the photographer utilize Depth of Field effectively?
  • White balance properly? If not, is this an intentional choice that enhances the effect of the image?
  • Are other compositional elements followed?
    • Rule of thirds followed or intentionally disregarded?
    • Use of leading lines?
    • Use of repeating form?
    • Contrast?
    • Use of negative space?
    • Scale?
    • Does the framing enhance the subject matter?
    • Interesting angle?
    • Use of vignetting?
    • Effective use of color? B&W?
Learning: 50 points

Can you explain what you learned from this challenge?

  • The artist can explain what the photography says about equity to them and what they learned about equity by doing this challenge.
  • The artist can explain what they learned about photography by doing this challenge, including what they found easy and difficult, and what they would do differently next time.
  • The artist can explain why they chose artistic and technical elements to achieve what effect.
Total Score