FAQs: Office of the Dean

Do you have questions? We have answers!

Are you wondering who does what in the Office of the Dean? Are you new to University of Maine Cooperative Extension or long time staff member who need a refresher on the following procedures and policies?

New Staff Search


I need additional staffing and I am not sure what type of employee (faculty, hourly or professional) is the best option to fulfill the required duties. How do I start a new hire search?

Answer: When you are not certain about the appropriate employee type, or the appropriate title and level of an hourly staff member, consult with Beth Hawkyard, beth.hawkyard@maine.edu.


We are preparing to refill a vacant position from a recent departure and unsure of where to start. 

Answer: Beth Hawkyard, beth.hawkyard@maine.edu, can guide you in the process which includes; updating the job description, completing the request to fill paperwork, selecting where to advertise, Chairing a search committee, and facilitating a search. 

Promotion and Supervisory


I feel certain that my current duties and responsibilities have changed and they do not seem to match my current job description. What are my next steps?

Answer: It would be good to discuss this with your supervisor to obtain their input and perspective. You may also discuss this with Beth Hawkyard, beth.hawkyard@maine.edu. She will let you know about your rights, the process, and where to find the forms to use.


Where do I find performance evaluation forms?

Answer: You can find evaluation forms on the Supervisors page of Plugged In.

Office and Program Participant Challenges 


I am having some difficulties with other staff members or my supervisor. What should I do?

Answer: You can begin with a confidential conversation with Beth Hawkyard, beth.hawkyard@maine.edu, who will provide guidance on the next steps you might take given the situation. Depending on the situation, your direct supervisor is also a good resource.


A client is disrupting the class, intimidating staff in the office, or generally unhappy about our service. 

Answer: You may consult with Beth Hawkyard, beth.hawkyard@maine.edu, to obtain thoughts about how to handle the situation. 

Civil Rights


A client with a disability is asking to attend your class. You are concerned about how to ensure the class will be a good fit.

Answer: Alisha Targonski leads our attention to civil rights and making appropriate accommodations. Contact Alisha at alisha.r.targonski@maine.edu to work through the situation.


I’m not certain that our program is reaching a diverse population, how can I find out?

Answer: Contact Alisha Targonski at alisha.r.targonski@maine.edu to discuss your program’s reach and potential ways to expand that reach. 

Financials and Forms*


I received a check from a program participant. What should I do with it? 

Answer: Any income (checks or cash) from publications, registrations, workshops, gifts, etc., need to be sent directly to Angela Hart, angela.hart@maine.edu. Please include the project or program number for deposits.


I am changing my emergency contact person or place where I currently live and am unsure who or where I need to change this. What should I do?

Answer: Contact Ella Glatter at ella.glatter@maine.edu, and she will assist you in completing an Individual Data Update Form to change your information on MaineStreet.


I need to hire a temp worker for Extension but am unsure how to do this or who I need to contact.

Answer: After receiving approval from your supervisor and Fran Sulinski (, contact Ella Glatter for support in completing a temporary hiring appointment form.


I am a supervisor and I need to be approved for signing off on my employee’s time and travel expenses, how would I get approval to do so?

Answer: Contact Beth Hawkyard and she will complete the Time Approver Role Request form for Payroll and contact Concur staff with these updates. 

Reserving Vehicles, Google Groups


I’m new to Cooperative Extension and need to get on the road for programs soon. Who do I talk to about reserving a vehicle?

Answer: First, visit the Reserving UMaine Extension Conference Rooms and Cars page on Plugged In. Then, contact Ella Glatter at ella.glatter@maine.edu and she can guide you through the driver’s permission and car reservation process. 


I want to be part of an Extension Google Group but don’t know how to be added to it.

Answer: Ella Glatter can add you to an Extension Google Group.


I want to create a new Google Group with Extension members but I don’t know how.

Answer: Contact Ella Glatter at  and she will guide you through the process and add the members you would like for you.

Common Forms and Who to Contact

While these are essentially assigned job responsibilities, please feel free to contact any of us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Personnel action forms and who to contact:

Angela Olson Hart, Administrative Coordinator (Responsibilities), angela.hart@maine.edu | 207.581.2811

  • Tuition Waivers
  • Sabbatical
  • Evaluations
  • Pay Change (Professional Promotion)

Ella Glatter, Administrative Specialist (Responsibilities), ella.glatter@maine.edu | 207.581.2919

  • Individual Data (personal updates such as emergency contact)
  • Temp Appointments; hourly and salaried (including summer)
  • Add Pay/Add Comp; hourly and salaried (including faculty summer, stipend)
  • Voluntary and Mutual Reduction in Schedule
  • Personnel Data (work-related updates such as location)
  • Time Approver (Supervisor updates, including Concur)
  • Pay Change (including reclassification, partial retirement)