Reserving UMaine Extension Conference Rooms and Cars

Orono Rooms:

Click on the room links to view calendars that show when rooms are available. NOTE: You must have a UMaine Extension GMail account to view these calendars.

Orono Cars:

four of Extension's vehicles that staff can reserve in the Libby Hall parking lot
Four Extension vehicles are based at Libby Hall in Orono for the use of work-related travel.

We have four Extension vehicles based at Libby Hall in Orono for the use of work-related travel (check Vehicle Availability below). These are equipped with The Maine Atlas & Gazetteer, a variety of general supplies, and, in the glove box, WEX Fuel Card and Emergency Reference Sheet for Cooperative Extension Vehicle (PDF), (two sheets in the glovebox) for:

  1. using WEX fuel payment cards and
  2. what to do / who to call in the event of an emergency

Your safety on the road is our priority and we want to make sure you have the tools you need for safe work travels!

Please follow these instructions on how to get approved to drive a vehicle and how to make a reservation.

Approval Process

  1. Visit the UMaine Motor Pool page to download and complete the appropriate License Agreement Form (staff, student, etc.), and read through the:
    1. Operating Rules,
    2. the APL 11-B, and
    3. the Motor Vehicle Use Policies
  2. Return your completed License Agreement Form to
  3. Apply for a WEX fuel card and individual pin using this WEX Gas Card / Driver Pin Application form (must have a email address/login to access and download). WEX cards are used for fueling vehicles and are found in each vehicle’s glove compartment.

  • The “Department Contact” information (Cooperative Extension) is
  • Please have a default chart field (account information) ready (check with your supervisor for this information).
  • Complete the “Assigned to a Person” section so that you may drive any of the four vehicles.
  • Your PIN will be unique to you and may be used on any of the cards.
  • Submit the fully completed and signed form to Ella Glatter, and she will send it to They will confirm your PIN via email.
  • For an intro to and pertinent information for using a WEX card, please visit the Fuel Card page (must have a email address/login to access and view) on the myCampus portal.

You will be notified when your approval paperwork has been processed!

Reservation Process

  1. When you are ready to reserve a vehicle, email with your date(s), times, and chart field to be charged. If the vehicle/date is available, you will be notified and sent a calendar invite (reserving the appropriate vehicle during the window of time requested).
  2. Keys are available for pick up in Libby Hall 104 (key box is located to the far right of the suite, on the wall) when staffed, or 104B between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. For other arrangements, email
  3. The vehicle needs to be returned on the final day of your reservation, ready for the next user’s departure early the next morning. You must return the vehicle with a full fuel tank, using the provided WEX card. Remove any personal items or large debris. Drop off keys in the key drop box outside Libby Hall’s side entrance (to the left of the doors) or to the locations above, based on the time of drop off.


For questions related to using WEX cards:
WEX customer service is available 24/7 at 1.800.492.0669.

For questions related to your Driver ID/PIN,
contact Procurement/Fuel Card Administrator: 207.581.2633.

Vehicle Availability

Click on the vehicles link to view calendars that show when vehicles are available. NOTE: You must have a UMaine Extension Gmail account to view these calendars. For the vehicles that aren’t linked to a calendar, please contact the scheduling contact who is associated with the vehicle.

Orono Cars:

Reserve by emailing Ella Glatter,

Other Maine Cars

Located at Cumberland:

Staff who are looking to reserve these vehicles must email the UMaine Extension Cumberland County reception email at to check for availability.

Located at Oxford: 

Staff who are looking to reserve this vehicle must email Sara King at to check for availability.

  • 300-038 Chevrolet Equinox