1. “Attend”/Watch Welcome Message/Event
  2. What is UMaine Extension? (Volunteer Module 1)
  3. UMS Academy Student Worker Training (If you have not already done so for this academic year 2021/2022)
    1. Visit https://mycampus.maine.edu/ and log in with your MaineStreet information.
    2. Click on the UMS Academy Button (looks like an apple with a bite out of it)
      UMS Academy icon
    3. Scroll through the Pathway options at the top of the screen or search for UMS Compliance Pathway for Employees and Student Employees AY 2022-2023”.
    4. Current student employees need to take the following required trainings. Student employees will be compensated for the time required to complete the trainings. Estimated time to complete all the required trainings is around 3.5 hours.
      1. Active Shooter Preparedness AY 2022/23
      2. Basic Safety Training UMS AY 2022/23
      3. Conflicts of Interest UMS AY 2022/23
      4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training UMS AY 2022/23
      5. FERPA Training UMS AY 2022/23
      6. ICT* Accessibility Awareness Training  UMS AY 2022/23
      7. Information Security Training UMS AY 2022/23
      8. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training UMS AY 2022/23
      9. Title IX Training UMS AY 2022/23
    5. When students complete their Compliance Training, they can easily see and submit proof of completion to their supervisor.  The following are ways a student can obtain this information:
      1. Print a transcript once they’ve completed the entire Compliance Training Pathway.
      2. Print completion certificates for each training.  The certificate needs to show that they completed both the training content and the assessment.
    6. If a student experiences any difficulty accessing UMS Academy or completing this pathway, technical support is available at cs-pdt@infobase.com or customer support line at 800.431.1934. Infobase commits to respond within 24 business hours (M-F, 9am- 5pm EST).
    7. Deferred Students might have to do the following before being able to access the Campus Portal:
      1. First go to the UMS User Account Management Site and see if you can access/reactivate your account that way
      2. If that does not work, then you will need to contact IT to get your account reset and to get a new activation code:
        1. Their phone number is 581.2506.
        2. Make sure to have your MaineStreet / Student ID Number handy. They will probably ask for it.
      3. After activation code is acquired, employees must go to UMS User Account Management Site to activate it. (The activation code is usually only good for a limited amount of time. So make sure you are ready to use it when you contact IT.)
  4. Photo Release Form
  5. Break Waiver Form
  6. Review University of Maine System Workplace Policies and Guidance regarding COVID-19  Webpage (PDF).
  7. Research Project Expectations
  8. On-Site Onboarding
    1. Mentor gives tour of facility and location expectations
      1. Ex: where to park, eat lunch, use of office space, computer, and other office supplies
      2. Payment — paperwork, time reporting, and pay schedule
      3. Travel — if necessary for this position
    2. Mentor provides site and/or project-specific trainings and resources
      1. Ex: Handling confidential information, bloodborne pathogens, farm safety, environmental management
    3. Mentor provides general expectations of Intern
      1. Ex: Attire, how to answer general questions that the Intern might receive, general timeline of internship, how will check-ins be conducted, email and overall communication etiquette.
    4. Project-specific expectations
      1. 4-H training examples: Positive Youth Development Training, Teaching and Facilitating STEM Training and Experiences, Successful Background Check (if working with youth), 4-H Risk Management, Inclusivity, 4-H Thriving, Experiential Learning, Ages and Stages
  9. Intern will provide Mentor with proof of trainings to be kept on file
  10. Complete the Orientation Survey (Google Form)- will be emailed out after Welcome Event