Crop Insurance Deadlines

The Crop Insurance Calendar Year has a number of important deadlines for growers to be aware of, including sales closing deadlines. These deadline dates are Federally mandated and, therefore, are not negotiable. Your agent can explain them fully. To find Crop Insurance Agents serving Maine, please use the Agent Locator tool

Field crops in Aroostook County

What is a Sales Closing Deadline?

A Sales Closing Deadline is the last federally mandated day that a grower can purchase a policy for the upcoming crop year.

*Anyone interested in obtaining Crop Insurance should contact an Agent well before the Sales Closing date, in order to ensure adequate processing time.

The Following is a partial list of policies and their Sales Closing Deadlines:

Policy Sales Closing Deadline Date
Hurricane Insurance Protection- Wind Index (HIP-WI) Same Sales Closing Date as Underlying Policy
Nursery Sign up Anytime
LGM Last Business Friday of Each Month
Onion February 1
Broadleaf Tobacco March 15
Cabbage March 15
Canola March 15
Corn March 15
Dry Bean March 15
Fresh Market Beans March 15
Grain Sorghum March 15
Green Pea March 15
Hemp March 15
Oats March 15
Potato March 15
Processing Beans March 15
Processing Tomato March 15
Shade Tobacco March 15
Soybeans March 15
Spring Barley March 15
Spring Forage Seeding March 15
Spring Oats March 15
Spring Wheat March 15
Sunflowers March 15
Sweet Corn March 15
Whole Farm Revenue Protection March 15
Fall Forage Seeding July 31
Forage Production September 30
Winter Barley September 30
Winter Malting Barley September 30
Winter Wheat September 30
Apiculture November 15
Pasture Forage Rangeland November 15
Apple November 20
Blueberry November 20
Cranberry November 20
Grape November 20
Peach November 20
Pear November 20

Blueberries on bush

For questions regarding the above information, please contact our Crop Insurance Education Program Manager: Chris Howard at: or at 207.570.2868

This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2018-70027-28584.

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