Maine Lime Directory

Custom Bulk Lime Spreaders and Lime Sales

Casella Organics
48 Liberty Drive, Suite A, Hermon, ME   04401
1.800.287.9947, 207.416.7006
Minimum load*:  30 tons

Casella Organics
110 Main Street, Suite 1308, Saco, ME  04072
1.800-933.6474, 207.699.9199
Minimum load*:  30 tons

Ken Irving
32 Shoestring Drive, Clinton, ME 04927
207.426.8053 or 426.8537
Minimum load*: 6 tons

Northeast Ag Sales
PO Box 190, Detroit, ME 04929
Minimum load*: 5 tons

Paris Farmers Union
Farm Sales Division, PO Box D, South Paris, ME 04281
207.743.8976 or 1.800.639.3603, contact Dick Deans
Minimum load*: 4 tons

*All are willing to negotiate delivering smaller loads for a higher price, depending on the volume and location.

Bagged Lime Sales (for small parcels land, gardens, and lawns)

Check with your local garden center or feed store.

Please submit additions, deletions, and corrections to:

Caragh Fitzgerald
125 State St., 3rd Floor
Augusta, ME 04330
207.622.7546; 800.287.1481 (in Maine)

Revised April, 2016. Compiled by Extension Educator Caragh Fitzgerald for informational use only. No endorsement is implied nor is any discrimination intended.