Podcasts are a great way to gain information about managing stress and increasing wellness

Consider listening to one of these podcasts while you work.

Featured Podcast:artwork for the Cultivemos Cultivating Resilience podcast showing graphics of chili peppers and the words "Growing Together" in a banner
Cultivating Resilience

Created by Cultivemos (previously the Northeast Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network), a USDA Network that connects individuals who are engaged in farming, ranching, and other agriculture-related occupations to stress assistance programs.

Farm care starts with self-care. On this podcast, we’ll hear from real, independent farmers about the struggles they face every day and how they are overcoming them. We’ll provide resources to strengthen your mental health and survive uncertain times. And we’re building a community where farmers and ranchers can support each other because even the hardiest plants need the right conditions to grow.

From Cultivemos: Cultivating Resilience Podcast

  • Episode 1: Farm Finances.
  • Episode 2: Climate Anxiety – Specialty Crops.
  • Episode 3: Community – Belonging.
  • Episode 4: Succession – Legacy.
  • Episode 5: Warning Signs and How to Help.

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