Seedling Sales Resources During COVID-19

seedlings in traysThis list was compiled in collaboration with MOFGA and DACF.

Seedling Sales Resources

Online Sales Resources

1-on-1 TA Providers for Online Ordering Set-up

  • Farmhand Automation: Sign up for free 1-on-1 TA and online store set-up from tech professionals,
  • Dr. Jonathan Malacarne, UMaine Ag Economist is willing to discuss your farm operation, current sales, customer base and what alternative marketing channel makes sense for your situation. Contact:
  • Jeremy Bloom, offers e-commerce coaching appointments. Creating Buying Club Software and is very familiar with farms and food in Maine,
  • Nicolas Lindholm, MOFGA Organic Business and Marketing Specialist, can provide 1-on-1 TA in e-commerce set up for OG, transitioning-to-OG farms and to MOFGA’s Journey Person participants. Also been comparing e-commerce platforms. Contact; 207.505.5752 (cell); 207.568.6024 (office).

CDC Signage

These are available in multiple sizes for printing, and multiple languages.

DACF Ag Resource Development Signage:

How to Make Hand-washing Stations

Sanitizing and Disinfecting

State of Maine and Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry Orders and Guidance

More COVID-19 Resources

State of Maine Designation on Number of Customers Allowed per Size Retail Space

Tier Square
Number of
Allowed at
One Time
1 <7,500 5
2 7,500 – 12,000 15
3 12,001 – 18,000 35
4 18,000 – 40,000 45
5 40,001 – 60,000 70
6 60,000+ 100

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