E-commerce and Other Alternative Marketing Ideas for Farms

Upcoming webinars and Zoom meetings

Webinar recordings and online courses

Articles and fact sheets

Online vendors (from Oregon State)

National Young Farmers Coalition cheat sheet on the Direct Sales Software Platforms (PDF): Prices, fees, etc.  

Additional vendors and online directories

Help available

  • Dr. Jonathan Malacarne, UMaine Ag Economist, jonathan.malacarne@maine.edu: Willing to discuss your farm operation, current sales, customer base, and what alternative marketing channel makes sense for your situation.
  • Nicolas Lindholm, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, nlindholm@mofga.org: Has also expressed an availability to help with this.
  • Julie Ann Smith, Executive Director, Maine Farm Bureau Association, Julie@mainefarmbureau.com
  • Farmhand Automation: Free technical assistance to set up online ordering and curbside pickup for local farms that do not have the resources to quickly shift to online ordering and curbside pickup.
  • The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry have started a tool to link those who need help with technology, marketing, and promotions with those who are willing to help.
    • Connect with Experts About Technology: Are you a Maine farmer seeking technical assistance with a technology mentor? We invite you to submit your farm name and email address so we can quickly share information with you about specific topics. >>Farmers: submit your info online. 
    • Provide Technology Expertise to Farmers: Are you a business or service provider who has a breadth of professional expertise to offer instruction or mentoring about online sales, websites, internet security and technology? You’re invited to join the technology mentor list. >>Tech Experts: Join the listing.

Financial help

  • FACT mini-grant applications for up to $500 taking names on waiting list.
  • Paycheck Protection Program: Ag producers are eligible. Loans will be provided on first-come first-served basis to apply ASAP.COVID-19
  • Federal Rural Resource Guide (PDF): USDA and its Federal partners have programs that can be used to provide immediate and long-term assistance to rural communities affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. These programs can support recovery efforts for rural residents, businesses and communities through: technical, training, and management assistance; financial assistance; and state and local assistance. This resource matrix organizes funding opportunities identified in the CARES Act and other federal resources that can help support rural America. Opportunities are categorized by customer and assistance type. 

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