CCAP Network

The Maine Climate Change Adaptation Providers (CCAP) Network is a network of adaptation professionals committed to working together to build community resilience in Maine. A CCAP member is someone in Maine who works with or within communities to implement climate change solutions. The network’s intention is to:

  • help equip adaptation professionals with the knowledge and skills to meet community resilience-building needs,
  • to help improve communication across service providers, and
  • to advance adaptation efforts based on peer-to-peer learning through the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The many adaptation activities occurring across the dynamic, interconnected, and vast regions of Maine create a need for coordination among adaptation professionals and their organizations. Collectively, the network strives to improve communication among those who are ultimately implementing climate change solutions, to determine mutual goals and activities, and to chart our potentially shared roles and responsibilities.

Members draw from a broad-based representation of local, state, and federal government, regional service providers, universities, research institutes, and non-profit organizations. The diverse expertise within the CCAP community makes our collective work possible.

Members train together, adding capacity by working collaboratively for on-the-ground problem-solving. This includes sharing emerging and best practices through meetings and workshops often hosted by Maine communities and annually in conjunction with the NH Coastal Adaptation Working Group. Members also develop new projects, partner to support community efforts, and share transferable lessons throughout the region.

We understand that communities across Maine have unique strengths and processes in adapting to climate change. We’ve found that complex challenges require teamwork and collaboration. We’ve experienced that success can hinge on healthy relationships built on trust.

Are you interested in becoming a CCAP member? Is your community working on resiliency, or interested in doing so?

We hope you’ll reach out directly with your questions and goals so that members can respond and support your work.

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Attendees at small desks in a conference
Planning for sea level rise in Machias
CCAP members meeting in Damariscotta
Waterfront site visit, Portland
Discussing sea level rise in Portland Harbor
Discussing sea level in Portland Harbor
CCAP members meet at South Portland solar array.
CCAP members at South Portland solar array
Members of CCAP gather at Wells beach
CCAP members meeting at Wells Beach
CCAp meeting at a restoration project focused on erosion.
Discussing natural erosion control, Wharton Pt., Brunswick.