National Wood Bank Project

Close-up photo of stacked firewood

The National Wood Bank Project seeks to support wood bank operators, users, funders, and start-ups with print and online resources, networks, and webinars. Wood banks serve heating insecure households with fuel wood that may be donated or cut, split, and delivered by volunteers. Models of wood banks vary widely with the needs and resources of the communities they serve – there is no single template that will work. However, wood banks can still learn from each other’s ideas, challenges, and successes. We hope this cache of resources will aid the experienced wood bank, support start-ups, and help build a network of wood banks nation-wide.


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Cartoon showing several people standing next to split firewood and holding a sign that says 'Join Us'

The National Wood Bank Project is a collaboration of USDA Forest Service, Alliance for Green Heat, School of Forest Resources, University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.