Wood Bank Webinars

Starting with the online National Firewood Bank Summit in September 2023, the National Wood Bank Project has offered webinars to inform wood banks on themes ranging from wood sourcing to financial grants. Find the recorded webinars here with accompanying links for more information.

  • National Firewood Bank Summit 2023
  • Introduction to the Community Guide to Starting and Running a Wood Bank
  • 2024 Grant Rollout Update from the Alliance for Green Heat & the USDA Forest Service
  • Wood Sourcing with Jake Dahlin and Sean Mahoney
  • Tools, Equipment and Safety Discussions
    “Learning from Experience” with Ames Meyers, Katie Bump, Mike Mayernik and Clarisse Hart
  • Building the Wood Bank Toolkit
  • Firewood Bank Financial Assistance Grant (2022-27)
  • The Alliance for Green Heat manages the grant and associated website with resources, newsletter, and news clips relevant to wood banks.