Annual Flowers at this year’s Master Gardener Plant Sale

Pink flowers growing in containersThis year’s plant sale features a great selection of annual flowers for bedding and containers. Selections include wave petunias and geraniums in several delicious colors, white alyssum, blue ageratum, impatiens of varying shades, tall and short marigolds, blue or red salvia, snapdragons, mix verbena, and the favorite for every garden, zinnias. All come to us from a local greenhouse and are ready to go in the ground or in your planters.

Containers have become popular for small and large landscapes. The Plant Sale selections will offer just what you need in thrillers, fillers and spillers. Thrillers are considered the main attraction for a container, along with a Spiller or two, plants that “spill” out of the container. Just add a Filler which are usually low, full plants that help the container “fill out” with flowers and greens. Herbs make terrific fillers; they add nice green color and can be cut for the table as well. Measure your containers before coming to the Sale, so you will know just how many plants you might needfora beautiful summer delight on your porch or in your yard.