Cumberland County Extension Association (CCEA Advisory Board)

Cumberland County Extension Association (CCEA) is the citizens’ advisory board for University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Cumberland County.

Diagram showing the connection between the Cumberland County Extension Association, Cumberland County Government, and UMaine Extension Cumberland CountyUMaine Extension’s successful educational programs result from a federal, state, and county partnership that addresses the issues of Cumberland County residents. Since 1919, when the Maine Legislature passed the County Extension Act, the University of Maine has been in all Maine communities with a local county office that is funded in part by each county government. CCEA oversees the funding allocated by the Cumberland County Commissioners, that provides the residence, support staff, and basic operations for UMaine Extension in Cumberland County.

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  • President: Valerie Jones, Portland, ME
  • Vice President: Tim Schmidt, Pownal, ME
  • Treasurer: Theresa Kelly, Pownal, ME
  • Secretary: Jeremy Gould, Pownal, ME


  • Nikki Anderson, Portland, ME
  • Mia Cooper, Cumberland, ME
  • Cathy Martin, Falmouth, ME
  • Lynda Murphy, Windham, ME


For an emailed or hard copy of any of our Annual Reports outlining the outreach and educational efforts of each of our program areas, please email or call us at 207.781.6099.

What Past Extension Association Members have Said:

Christopher Jeney, CCEA board member headshot“I joined the board to gain business skills for myself and help inform the community of self-sufficient practices that help to conserve nature and agriculture.” 

Christopher Jenny

John Mackillop, CCEA Board Member headshot“Being on the Board and getting involved with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, I have gained a much better understanding of the extent of hunger in Maine and the critical role that Cooperative Extension plays in addressing food insecurity.”

− John Mackillop

Theresa Kelly, CCEA Board Member headshot“I have learned so much about the scope of the programs offered by Cooperative Extension and the breadth of the communities it serves. From the child raising her first lamb to the 45-year-old farmer with a question about the latest research on no-till practices to the senior who needs help with her garden and all age groups in the Master Gardener Volunteer program. We are so lucky to have these wonderful people, their knowledge and dedication!” 

− Theresa Kelly

Ed Anderson, CCEA Board Member headshot“I am thankful for the learning experience and opportunities afford me as a member of the board.” 

Ed Anderson

Leigh Mundhenk, CCEA Board Member headshot“I have really enjoyed my time on the Extension board because it has given me a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the great programs offered by Cooperative Extension. As a Master Gardener, I found this information to be extremely helpful to me. I have also been inspired to learn more about food preservation techniques. I never would have even known about these programs, had I not been on the board.”

 Leigh Mundhenk