Cumberland County Guide to Completing 4-H Records

Cumberland County Additional Support for Completing 4-H Records

Cumberland County 4-H uses the University Of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H Project Records.  The records are available from the County Office or online.  Please call the office at 781-6099 or 1-800-287-1471, or email to have records sent to you. They are available on-line at  How-to guides, rubrics, feedback forms, score sheets, and checklists are all available at that site as well.


A reminder for all 4-H members completing records: the awards committee will only know about you and your activities by what you put in your records.  Be as complete, neat and accurate as you can while sharing your 4-H year with them.

  1. All sections should be completed and your name should be written on all pages.
  2. Records should be neat. Typed or computer records are acceptable if you do the work yourself. This is your record, but it is OK to get help – just attach a note to tell who helped you and why.
  3. Records should show that you have exhibited or shared publicly your project.
  4. Entries should be in chronological (date) order.
  5. If you have more than one project you may submit one record for all projects as long as you have the appropriate pages per project included:
    1. Cloverbuds: Complete and submit ONE copy of ALL pages.
    2. Beginners: Submit pages 2-5 for EACH project you do AND submit ONE copy of pages 1 and 6+ for all your projects combined.
    3. Intermediates: Submit pages 2-6 for EACH project you do AND submit ONE copy of pages 1 and 7+ for all your projects combined.
    4. Advanced: Submit pages 2-5 for EACH project you do AND submit ONE copy of pages 1 and 7+ for all your projects combined.
  6. If you want to be considered for awards in Leadership, Citizenship, Achievement and Lamp of Knowledge you must also complete the Portfolio with a 4-H story, resume, and evidence.
  7. Records are completed from October 1st to September 30th  (the 4-H year), or whenever the project starts and stops within the current year.
  8. Cloverbuds are encouraged to complete records but are not eligible for County Awards.
  9. Give your record to the leader whose name you listed on the front.  He or she will review it and forward it to the awards committee if they feel it should be considered for an award.


If you wish your members to be considered for a County Project Award the following is required:

  • 4-H Leaders can send completed record sheets for up to 4 members for each project area to the Cumberland County 4-H Office.
  • 4-H Portfolios should be used by teen 4-H members competing for Leadership, Achievement, Citizenship, and Lamp of Knowledge Awards only.  These four awards are considered the top county awards for a 4-H member to earn. Younger members (12 and 13) may also submit a 4-H Portfolio in these categories, however it is important to remember they are judged on the amount and quality of their work, so younger members may be at a disadvantage by fewer years in 4-H than senior members. Lamp of Knowledge: This award is to recognize overall leadership, citizenship and knowledge of project area.  A youth nominated for this award should demonstrate a variety of the life skills in multiple settings (i.e., with individual members, at a club level, county 4-H level, or state level). The member also should show an appropriate level of mastery in their project area.

Encourage members to save their project records and portfolios from the first year of 4-H work.  When they are older and are trying out for State, National and International 4-H programs, their previous records will be extremely helpful.

The awards committee reserves the right to place an outstanding project record in an alternate project area for an award.

Awards committee members and leaders are encouraged to write short notes to include on project records with constructive feedback.

  1. What leaders should do during the year?
    1. Offer to help members with records.
    2. Encourage 4-H’ers to indicate where they have done a public display/exhibit and community service, even if it doesn’t apply to a particular project.
    3. Collect records and review.
  1. What leaders should do at the end of the year?
    1. Select those records that meet above guidelines in areas where awards are available. Each club may submit up to 4 quality records in each project area that meet above guidelines.  If you have more than 4 quality records for an area, or a record for an area where no award is available, indicate an alternate area for an award i.e. Beef – Veterinary Science; or Flower Gardening – Plant Science.
    2. Attach any comments that you feel are pertinent.
    3. Specify the county awards for which the record sheet is submitted.
    4. Submit only quality records.
    5. Send your selections to the County Office by the published deadline, so that the County 4-H Awards Committee will have time to review all records and select awards prior to Winterfest.