4-H Livestock Auction at the Cumberland Fair

2023 4-H Livestock Auction at the Cumberland Fair

Baby Beef 4-H members line up for the judge at 2014 Cumberland Fair.Wednesday, September 27, 2023
4:00 PM: Refreshments
4:30 PM: Auction

Baby Beef | Market Hog | Market Lamb

Why Buy a 4-H Animal at Auction?

Support positive youth development

Youth who raise a market animal learn more than how to care for the animal. They also learn financial management, record keeping, time management, and marketing skills.

Support the youth’s future goals

100% of the money goes directly to the 4-H’er who raised the animal. Many 4-H’ers put their “profit” towards their college fund while others buy additional animals to raise.

Support local agriculture

Isn’t it great to know that the food you feed your family is from local farms and was produced by your own neighbors?

Receive high-quality food

All 4-H market animals are 100% grain fed and are raised with the greatest care under the supervision of watchful adults. Can you just imagine yourself enjoying a juicy steak, a delicious leg of lamb, or a stuffed pork chop!

What Can I Do with the Animal I Purchase?

  • Meat for your freezer
  • Breeding purposes
  • Pets
  • Donate the animal to a good cause (ex: community food pantry)
  • Gifts to employees or family members

What Do I Get for My Purchase?

The amount of actual meat you get depends on the species of animal, the size of the animal and what your preferences are (for example, do you prefer ground meat?).  Below is a good guide for estimating the amount of meat you will have to put in your freezer based on the animal you purchase:

Live weight compared to take home product:

Baby Beef:

beef cow in a field of grass

  • Beef cattle have a wider weight range than other species.
  • Normal live (market) weight range is 950- 1500 lbs.; the average is 1150 lbs.
  • Average dressing percent (carcass weight) is 62.3% of the live weight but can range from 55-67%
  • The actual weight of the take-home product is usually 70-80% of the carcass weight (after waste products are removed from the carcass)

Market Lamb:

  • Normal live (market) weight range is 90-130 lbs.; the average is 120 lbs.
  • Average dressing percent (carcass weight) is 54% of the live weight but can range from 45-55%.
  • The actual weight of the take-home product is usually 45-55% of the carcass weight
Market Hog:
  • market hogNormal live (market) weight range is 200-325 lbs.; the average is 265 lbs.
  • Average dressing percent (carcass weight) is 72% of the live weight but can range from 68-72%
  • The actual weight of the take-home product is usually 68-72% of the carcass weight

How Do I Buy an Animal?

  • Buyers are encouraged to arrive before 4:30 p.m. to view the animals, talk to 4-H members, and enjoy refreshments.
  • You may bid from anywhere in the arena.
  • To bid – raise your hand to be recognized by the ring persons.
  • Please have a business card or a paper with your name and address ready, so we can announce your name and recognize you to the audience.
  • Immediately after the sale, go to the cashier located behind the auctioneer’s table to pay and complete the paperwork.
    • Cash or Check ONLY
    • Checks are payable directly to the 4-H member
  • A representative from Windham Butcher Shop is available with processing and trucking information. Other processing options are available.

Who Do I Call If I Have Questions About the 4-H Auction at the Cumberland Fair?

Mitch Mason, 4-H Youth Development Educator at the University of Maine Extension Office Cumberland County 207.781.6099 or email him at mitchell.mason@maine.edu if you have questions. If you would like, he can connect you with a 4-H member or adult volunteer as well; talking with potential buyers is an important part of the educational process for 4-H members.

We Would Like to Thank All of the Buyers Who Support Our 4-H program!

2020 Buyers

Alexander & Schmidt

All-Med Staffing

Rick Akerson

Jessica Battilana

Cumberland Food Pantry

Micah Davis

Bill Diamond

Marge Dolby

Food Stop

Fore Street Restaurant

Mark Fortin

Gray-New Gloucester 4H Food Pantry Project

Phil Harriman

Peter Martin

Joel McCann

Tom McKenny

Linc Merrill

Stanley Moreau

Patriot Insurance Company

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