Parent and Guardian Roles in 4-H Clubs

4-H is a youth development program that strongly encourages parent and family involvement. In 4-H, you, as the parent or guardian, are very important. You are always invited and encouraged to participate in all 4-H club activities. We recognize every family’s schedule is different and you may not be able to attend every club function, but there are many different ways that you can contribute to your child’s 4-H group.

Your 4-H club leader will want to know about your interests and talents, and how you would like to support your child’s 4-H group. Because 4-H has so many diverse experiences, we have discovered that every adult can find a parent volunteer role that matches their interests and the club’s needs. Some possible helping roles include providing refreshments, supplies, or other resources for a club meeting; helping members with their projects, chaperoning a club field trip, organizing the club’s service project, or coordinating the club’s end-of-the-year recognition program. Your club leader may have other suggestions.

As a parent or guardian, we encourage you to:

  • Provide transportation for your child to and from 4-H events.
  • Attend 4-H club functions with your child whenever possible. Youth ages 5-8 (Cloverbud members) should always have a parent or guardian attend meetings with them.
  • Guide your child as they select a 4-H project and help them develop goals that are challenging, but also realistic. Encourage their project work by making it a family learning experience. Youth learn best when they have the opportunity to master skills with adults playing a support role.
  • Read your County 4-H Newsletter so you will know the details of upcoming special events, dates and deadlines. You will automatically start receiving this publication when you or your child enroll in a 4-H club.