Cumberland Fair 4-H Exhibit Hall Coordinator & Committee Job Description

The Cumberland Fair 4-H Exhibit Hall Coordinator is responsible for preparing and managing the 4-H Exhibit Hall each year at the Cumberland Fair with the help of the 4-H Exhibit Hall Committee. Bolded items on the following list are typically to be completed by the Exhibit Hall Coordinator but can be delegated to other members of the committee as the committee sees fit. All other duties are shared by both the committee and 4-H Exhibit Hall Coordinator.

Before the Fair: August

  • Clean Hall, typically done during August 4-H Leaders meeting at the Fairgrounds
    • Check the cleaning supplies list from the previous year’s cleanup to make sure there are enough supplies
    • Purchase needed supplies for hall cleanup or find a volunteer to do so, reimbursement from Leader’s Association after cleanup
    • The corner with fleeces should have long curtains to prevent sunlight from damaging fleece exhibits. Curtains are taken down after the fair, washed and stored in the tote in the office in the hall.
  • Find and contact judges for project judging
  • Confirm judges for project judging (typically 3-5 weeks ahead of time)
  • Review judges packets and provides Extension Office with judges contact information to mail information packets to judges. Packets include: Cover letter, 4-H Hall Exhibit Guidelines, Information on the Danish Judging System, Sample Comment Cards, Information on providing constructive comments for feedback, Map with directions
  • Confirm volunteer help for morning check-in and project runners
  • Confirm volunteer help for afternoon ribbon attachment and project display
  • Provide lunch for judges (day of project judging)
  • Prepare and provide thank you gift for judges
  • Assign project areas to be judged to judges
  • Confirm with Extension Office deadline of Online Exhibit Hall Entries & that they will bring totes with materials such as extra exhibit cards, toolbox, pens/pencils, tape, stapler, club envelopes for premiums/comment cards, etc. to judging day

Day of Project Judging

  • Be prepared to be there at least 1 hour prior to when project drop off begins (9:00 a.m.) and plan to stay until the hall is fully decorated (this can be early evening).
  • Have at least one volunteer dedicated to checking in projects as they enter the hall.
  • Have 2-3 volunteers designated as runners (helping put projects in appropriate areas).
  • Sort projects by area, to make judging easier.
  • Revisit judges list to make sure all project areas are covered by a judge
  • Provide lunch to judges
  • Provide brief orientation to judges (should include welcome, thank you, an overview of judging guidelines, providing constructive comments, Cloverbud specifics, Rosettes, and assign project areas)
  • Gather judges comment cards and compile ribbon and premium results.
  • After judging, judges’ comments and life skill wheels are removed. A ribbon is attached and the project is displayed appropriately.
  • Put up protective barriers to projects (fences and ropes)

During Fair Week

  • Sort judges comments by club/member and prepare premium results
  • Premium information should be taken to the Treasurer of the Cumberland Farmers Club no later than Tuesday of fair week. He/she will prepare premium checks during the week, to be picked up the end of the fair week.
  • Pick up premium checks and double check for accuracy. Sort into appropriate club envelopes and dispense to club leader or appointed individual on Sunday pick up day. Premium checks should not be given directly to youth unless otherwise instructed by club leader.
  • Send thank you notes to judges

After the Fair

  • Project pick up is Sunday morning. Clean up the hall, remove fences, curtains etc.
  • Call club leaders or project individuals for projects not picked up by 11:00. It is not uncommon for people to forget they need to pick their items up.
  • Have a plan in place about what to do with projects not picked up- will someone meet them at the hall for the project pick up or should projects be taken to the Extension office?
  • Revisit fair guidelines and submit any recommended changes to Cumberland Farmers Club by the end of January.