Respirator Fit Test at Maine Farm Days

Respirator Fit Testing at the Maine Farm Days in Clinton

The new Worker Protection Standard rules require that all pesticide applicators that use products requiring respirator use MUST have a respirator fit test done annually. Fit Testing is important to ensure that the model and size of a selected respirator fits tightly to the user’s face. Respirators MUST be worn inside a tractor cab if the product being applied requires respirator use.

Here are just a few commonly used materials that require a respirator:

  • Avipel Used as a crow repellent hopper box treatment on corn seed
  • Lannate Used by many sweet corn growers
  • Imidan Used by many apple producers
  • Gramoxone Used by many vegetable growers
  • Metam Used as a fumigant
  • Surround (OMRI) Protectant in organic production
  • Dipel DF (OMRI) Protectant in organic production
  • Mycotrol WPO (OMRI) Protectant in organic production

Join the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, the Maine Labor Group on Health, and the Maine Board of Pesticides Control on August 22nd to get your respirator training and fit test during Maine Farm Days in Clinton.

The fee for this testing is $10.

Time slots for fit tests are 30 minutes long and will begin at 9 a.m.

(Only 4 people per time slot.)

To Sign Up for your Appointment:

  • Contact Becky Gray < or 207.781.6099> to register and receive a time slot for your test. Becky will then email you the time slot confirmation and other important information.
  • Complete your medical evaluation and receive a written medical determination that you are physically able to use a respirator ASAP. Medical evaluations can be done through a Primary Care Physician, or through the below on-line options.

At the Fit Test Appointment:

  • Bring your medical evaluation clearance form. You will not be fit tested without it.
  • Bring the respirator that you use in the field. Each person should have their own respirator.
  • If the respirator you use fails the fit test, you may need to retake the fit test with another size and/or model of respirator.
  • Beards cannot be worn with tight fitting facemasks. Please shave before coming to your fit test.

With general questions about respirator fit testing or other Worker Protection Standard regulations, contact Amanda Couture or 207.287.2731 at the Maine Board of Pesticides Control.

The University of Maine is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Becky Gray at UMaine Extension, Cumberland County at 207.781.6099 or