Master Gardener Program Fee

The Master Gardener Volunteers program is one of the most popular and valued programs offered by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.  This program is committed to offering high quality horticultural education to all interested Maine residents.  To help us meet this goal and keep the program affordable, the program relies on tax dollars, donations and program fees that until now have been the same for all applicants regardless of one’s household income.

County, state and federal tax dollars and donations do not fully cover the true costs of offering this program.  Consequently, we must charge a program fee that reflects each applicant’s income and ability to pay.  We recognize that some individuals may not be able to pay the program fee attached to the annual household income scale.  If this is the case, please select a lower household income category, or apply for a program scholarship through our office.

Upon acceptance to the program, you will be asked to self-select the program fee below based on your annual household income, this information will be confidential:

Annual household income                Program Fee

            $40,000 or less                                  $110

            $40,001 – $70,000                            $220

            $70,001 or more                                $330