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Q&A For the Novice Food Preserver

In this interview, Master Food Preserver Volunteer Kathy Shaw offers a Q&A for our readers about food preservation and in particular, the Master Food Preserver Volunteer Program (MFP) offered by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Kathy took the course in 2009. She has continued to be a part of the program ever since. She lives […]

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Maine Food For August: Tips to Preserve Blueberries, Tomatoes & Corn

Delicious fruits and vegetables are ripe for the picking in August and University of Maine Cooperative Extension educator Kathy Savoie wants Mainers to have up-to-date information on the best methods, canners, jars and seals to safely preserve food. UMaine Extension publishes information to help people find, grow, use, preserve and store in-season fruits and vegetables. […]

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Cooking with Maine Beer

By Mallory Martin, UMaine Extension Staff, Administrative Support Specialist (Food & Nutrition) Maine has a rich history with alcohol and is now known for its present day local distilleries. Local craft brews can be used in recipes to create salad dressings, marinades, baking quick breads, and desserts. Below are ways to use your favorite local […]

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