Franklin County Extension Association

Franklin County Extension Association (FCEA) is the citizens’ advisory board for University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Franklin County.

UMaine Extension’s successful educational programs result from a federal, state, and county partnership that addresses the issues of Franklin County residents. Since 1919, when the Maine Legislature passed the County Extension Act, the University of Maine has been in all Maine communities with a local county office that is funded in part by each county government. FCEA oversees the funding allocated by the Franklin County Commissioners, that provides the office space, support staff, and basic operations for UMaine Extension in Franklin County.

Franklin County Executive Committee Officers


  • President, Lois King,  Jay
  • Vice President, 
  • Treasurer, Janet Plouffe, Industry
  • Secretary, 


  • John Perry, Farmington
  • Gretchen Legler, Farmington