4-H in Franklin County

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University of Maine 4-H Forms

4-H Volunteer Handbook

4-H clubs and independent memberships are available in Franklin County. Contact us for more information.

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Franklin County 4-H Calendar

  • November 12: Veterans Day, Extension Office Closed
  • November 15: 4-H Leaders Association Meeting
  • November 22-23: Thanksgiving, Extension Office Closed
  • November 30: County 4-H Recognition Event
  • December 20: 4-H Leaders Association Meeting
  • December 25: Christmas, Extension Office Closed

Commonly Used 4-H Forms

4-H Program Participation Permission, Agreements, and Health Form (PDF)

Animal Approval and Lease Forms (except Fryeburg / Windsor)

Enrollment Forms

4-H Working Steer Manual by UNH Cooperative Extension

University of Maine 4-H Forms