What crop can I plant where my bush green beans were?


What should I plant in the bed where my bush green beans – now tired out! – were growing? I would like to have another crop from that space.


Jonathan Foster, Community Education Assistant

This is an excellent time to be thinking about squeezing in some fall, cool season crops in the open spaces in your garden! Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower can all be planted as transplants, or lettuce, spinach, and turnips from seed. If you have a cold frame or other method of slightly lengthening your growing season, you might be able to sneak in some carrots and beets from seed. Just keep your eye on weather reports moving into late September and early October, as a thick layer of mulch can help protect the crops still finishing up on cold snap nights.

The Cooperative Extension has an excellent season long planting calendar available here. And kudos to you for trying to keep the beds productive even as summer is winding down.