What steps do I need to take this fall to prepare a garden site?


I am starting a garden in a new area. All we have done is bush hogged the area. My question is what is my next step? Should I get it harrowed? I want to be able to dump rabbit manure on the area over the winter to help build up the soil.


Lynne M. Holland, Horticulture and Social Media Professional

Congratulations on the decision to start a new garden.  Fall is definitely the time to do it.

Soil prep in the Fall is a great idea.  Harrowing may be necessary especially if this area is a lawn or a meadow.  Do it soon so you can take a soil test.  (click on the blue underlined text to be taken to the link)  That will tell you the soil amendments you may need in addition to the manure you want to add.

In addition, we have a video series for your winter viewing to help inspire you: Victory Garden for Maine.  Each video is only 20 minutes long and you don’t have to do them in order.