lawn grass

Selected Readings and Content

UMaine Extension Bulletins

UMaine Extension Videos

Additional Resources

Master Gardener Volunteer Training

Core Competencies

At the end of these sessions you will be able to articulate and explain:

  • Sustainable lawn establishment practices
    • The advantages and disadvantages of using seed or sod
    • Proper site preparation
    • Selection of appropriate grass varieties
    • How and when to seed a lawn
    • Low-input lawn maintenance
      • De-thatching
      • Aeration procedure and timing
      • Proper mowing techniques
      • Water and fertilizing
      • Over-seeding
      • Managing weed, insects and diseases
      • Common seasonal practices in Maine
    • Alternatives to Turf
      • Advantages and disadvantages of reducing turf-grass
      • Methods for removing turf
      • Alternatives to turf with a focus on groundcovers and native species

Practical Skills Gained and Strengthened

  • How to select appropriate grass varieties for a Maine lawn
  • How to effectively maintain a healthy lawn through proper mowing, fertilization and watering