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Upcoming Dates| County News | Club News | State News | Leaders Meeting Minutes | Cooking with Kids

Upcoming Dates to Remember

September 23 – Project Records are Due in the Extension Office
October 8 – 6:30 pm – Leaders’ Meeting – Extension Office
October 12 – 10:00-2:00pm – 4-H Awareness Day
October – TBA – Cloverfest
November 25 – Re-enrollment forms are Due in the Extension Office

County News

Visit UMaine with 4-H Are you interested in visiting the University of Maine campus? Wondering what it’s like to be a college student? Thinking about applying to UMaine? Not sure if college is the place for you but curious to find out?
Hancock County 4-H is organizing a trip to campus for 4-H’ers in middle and high school this fall. Youth will ride a bus/van to campus with Carla and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the UMaine campus. Depending on how many youth are interested, we will cater the tour to your interests and visit fun places on campus. We will also eat lunch in the dining hall with current UMaine students and 4-H alumni! Fill out the online form or contact the Extension Office to indicate your interest and we will be in touch to figure out dates and details.

Re-enrollment 2019-2020 Another 4-H year begins on October 1! Re-enrollment packets are in the mail. All paperwork must be returned to the Extension Office by Monday, November 25th in order to be processed before the state deadline on December 31.  Absolutely no exceptions will be allowed after that date.

New Background Check Policy for Volunteers – Our Maine 4-H program takes the safety of our program participants very seriously and has implemented an important policy change that will affect some Hancock County 4-H Volunteers this year. All Maine 4-H volunteers are now required to have a background check every three years. If you have not had a background check within the past three years, you will soon be receiving an email with instructions for how to submit your background check online. If you are a new volunteer within the past three years, you don’t have to do anything at this time!
If a volunteer does not pass a background check or refuses to follow through with this policy, then the volunteer will no longer be able to serve as a UMaine Cooperative Extension Volunteer. This re-screening will be done at no cost to the volunteer.
Our currently enrolled volunteers will have until December 31, 2019 to submit your background application online.  Please notify the Extension Office once you have completed and submitted the form so we can complete the process. Further instructions are included in your re-enrollment packets.

4-H Awareness Day – Chairman, Heather Linnehan, has confirmed October 12th for 4-H Awareness Day, at the Tractor Supply Co., in Ellsworth during the Paper Clover campaign, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. We’re looking for clubs to bring animals, food sales, games, crafts, and other activities. The will be a “Fun Day” and your opportunity to help make others aware of the neat things you do in 4-H! Call Heather at 667-9570 to sign up now!

Project Records All project records are due in the Extension Office on Monday, September 23. For all instructions, please visit our webpage.

2019 Blue Hill Fair

Razor Crosman Award

Congratulations to Margaret Mae, Free 2 Be, for being the recipient of the 2019 Razor Crosman Award!
Congratulations to Ian, Horse & Rider, for being the recipient of the 2019 Hancock County 4-H Service Award!

Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Hall had 51exhibitors putting in 104 exhibits and receiving $537 in premiums
Best Project:
Animals – Austin York, Egg Project
Clothing/Sewing – Sherry Foster, Independent
Crafts – Sherry Foster, Independent
Crafts – Willow Evans, Spruced Up Homesteaders
Flowers – Ruth Lassen, Free 2 Be
Food – Lily Therrien, Rails N’ Trails
Gardening – Sherry Foster, Independent
Painting – Mckenzie Evans, Independent
Paper Crafts – Charity Garland, Horse & Rider
Paper Crafts – Ruby Beauchamp, Spruced Up Homesteaders
Woodworking – Alan Lassen, Free 2 Be
Best in Show – Lily Therrien, Rails N’ Trails, Food
Lynne Clement Award – Sherry Foster, Independent
4-H Club Exhibit – 4-H Aquaculture, Horse & Rider, and Spruced Up Homesteaders
Special thanks to Mary Jude and all the judges for their help!

Livestock Awards
4-H Sheep Show:
Shelby Gross, Independent, Showmanship: Junior
Trenidy Semple, Independent, Market Lamb
4-H Beef Show:
Showmanship: Novice:  Trenidy Semple, Independent, Showmanship: Novice, Junior Reserve Champion
Senior Champion: Shelby Gross, Independent, Senior Champion, Wilbur Wilson Memorial Grand Champion, Cow and Calf, and Market Steer
4-H Dairy Goat Show:
Ava Pelkey, Independent, Showmanship: Junior, Evelyn Cassette Memorial (Best Doe in Show), Breed: Recorded Grade Junior Champion, Senior Champion, Grand Champion, and Reserve Grand Champion
Margaret Mae Reilich Godino, Breed: Nigerian Dwarf, Senior Reserve Champion, and Reserve Grand Champion
Open Youth Horse Show:
Zoe Sikkel, Rails N’ Trails, Showmanship: Junior, SS Sporty Dee Bar Showmanship Challenge, and Walk/Trot English Champion
Kacie Sealy, Rails N’ Trails, Showmanship: Novice
Ian Sargent, Horse & Rider, Walk/Trot Western Champion

Cake Contest Winners
1st place, Abigail Grunder from Somerset County, 2nd place to Kaylee Keniston from Penobscot County, and 3rd place to Hancock County   4-H Aquaculture Club, Hannah Dodge, Hannah Dyer & Heron Wagner

Hancock County Extension Homemakers has four groups, East Surry, Otis, Orland and Duck Cove (Bucksport).  They meet monthly learning a craft, cooking skills, gardening, geographical area (this year is Wyoming) etc. Our dues of $5 are paid yearly in the fall plus a small amount is donated at the individual meetings for scholarships etc.  If interested, please call the County Extension Office at 667-8212 for more information on a group in your area.

Maine Envirothon will be offering three Fall Field Day events this fall to help teams get ready for the 2019 Envirothon season and introduce schools to the Maine Envirothon program.  Dates and locations are as follows:
September 18th – Northern FFDays at Mantle Lake Park in Presque Isle
September 27th – Southern FFDays at Sebago Lake State Park in Casco
October 15th –Central FFDays at the University of Maine Forest, Orono

4-H Steer – A special thank you to Trenidy, Independent 4-H member, and the Doug Gross Family Farm in Buckport for raising the Simmental Angus Cross for this year’s Steer Raffle.
Tristan McKinney of Waltham was the lucky winner and chose to take the steer!

Club NewsAquaculture Internship

4-H Aquaculture Internship – The goal of this new internship was for high school youth to learn about aquaculture and develop an innovative way to demonstrate sustainable aquaculture to the public at the Blue Hill Fair. The interns spent eight weeks at The Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research in Franklin learning about recirculating aquaculture systems, fish husbandry, engineering, and business. During their internship, they visited two of Maine’s aquaculture businesses, Sea and Reef Aquaculture and the Little Island Oyster Co. and also learned about conservation aquaculture through a behind-the-scenes tour of Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery. To facilitate their project work, the interns formed committees that focused on five areas of public engagement which included communication, food, t-shirts, kids, and fish 101. In the end, they developed creative, interactive ways of communicating what sustainable aquaculture is to the general public.
We’re sad the internship has come to its end, but we wish our interns luck as they embark upon the new school year!  To meet the seven Hancock County 4-H Aquaculture Interns, read their sHorse & Rider - camptory here:

Horse & Rider met at Heather’s every day from August 5th to 9th for Horse Camp.  Each day the members did barn chores, groomed the horses and put them outside.  After, each member had a riding lesson on Sandy or Mist before going inside to work on project records and fair cards.  Lunch and swimming followed with working on crafts.  On Tuesday, after swimming, Heather set up an obstacle course for the kids.  That was fun and full of laughs for everyone.  We also enjoyed a coke/root beer float day, a painting day at the 4-H Exhibit Hall, followed by treats at the Fish Net in Blue Hill.  On the last day of camp, we all enjoyed Heather’s famous cookout.  Thank you Heather for another fun filled week at horse camp.  You always come up with great ideas to make it fun for everyone. Jolly Juniors camp
Submitted by Sally Jordan, 4-H leader

Jolly Juniors –    What better place to work on your woodworking project than camp?!  The Jolly Junior Cloverbuds worked first and then played!  They finished up their projects and completed fair cards and then it was time for fun.  It was a beautiful day for swimming and frog hunting!
The cloverbuds would like to thank Brent Doyle for his help with their projects. Submitted by Club Leader, Brenda Jordan

Free 2 Be – Our Free 2 Be 4-H Club finished this year at the Blue Hill Fair with our final Community Service project — volunteering Friday at the Blue Hill Fair. Free 2 Be BHFA great time was had by all, with time for rides after for those not staying the weekend. Several of our members participated in the 4-H Exhibit Hall — it was exciting to see their projects on display! And three of our members — Bella H., Margaret Mae RG. and Randi B. had a wonderful time sharing their 4-H project goats with fairgoers and participating in the goat shows on Sunday and Monday. Amia H. also lso stayed and helped for the whole fair with the goats and maybe we will see her showing next year. This was a bittersweet Fair for our club as it is the last — But most of our youth will continue on in different ways in 4-H as Independents in other interest areas, so we will hopefully all be at the Fair again next year in one way or another!   Submitted by club leader Lisa Reilich

Spruced Up Homesteaders  We are so proud of the kids that make up our Spruced Up Homesteaders! It was our club’s first year at the Blue Hill Fair,  and everyone had so much fun participating! Robbie Spruced Up Homesteadersentered an awesome music composition, Lexi made beautiful clay creations, Shiloh made chocolate cookies, Belle made a recycled art vase, Ava entered a monarch photo story, Ronan made a meal in a jar, Wyatt entered a wooden trailer and machine art book, Ruby created a decoupage jungle scene, Willow entered coasters, a clay caterpillar sculpture, sunflower painting, pillowcase and flowers, and Amelia entered beautiful herbs from her garden… most of all, everyone used their head, heart, hands and health to show their best selves!! Their blue ribbon group exhibit is also just one beautiful example of the great things we can can achieve when we all work together!! We’d also love to congratulate ALL of the clubs on their exhibits, participation, and steer ticket sales… 4-H truly is one of the best families to be a part of, and we are inspired by everyone, every day! Submitted by Club Leader, Kristin Beauchamp

State News

Cumberland Fair 4-H Dog & Rabbit Shows Open to All Maine 4-Her’s – TheCumberland Fair 4-H Dog Show will be held Friday, September 27, 3:30pm at the Cumberland Fairgrounds, 197 Blanchard Rd, Cumberland, Maine 04062 (Directions). This show is open to all Maine 4-H members between the ages of 9 to 18, enrolled in the 4-H Dog Project as of April 1, regardless of prior show experience. Showmanship (Novice through Advanced) and Obedience (Pre-Novice though Graduate Novice) are the primary award-winning classes. There will also be a fun, non-competitive obstacle class. All classes are judged using the Danish System and all award winning classes come with a ribbon and premium.
The Cumberland Fair 4-H Rabbit Show will be held Saturday, September 28, 9:00am at the Cumberland Fairgrounds. This show is open to all Maine 4-H members between the ages of 5 to 18, enrolled in the 4-H Rabbit Project as of April 1, regardless of prior show experience. Showmanship classes for Cloverbuds (demonstration only), Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors will be offered.
For more information about either show, visit the Cumberland Fair 4-H Information page. Questions, please contact Sara Conant,, 207.781.6099.

Leaders Meeting Minutes


August 13, 2019 Meeting

Members Present: Lisa Carney, Terry Swazey, Dwight Sargent, Heather Linnehan, Lee Sargent, Seth Murray and Carla Scocchi (6)

Secretary’s Report- a motion was made and seconded to accept the July minutes as written.
Thank you notes from Rosie and Donnie were passed around. A letter from the Maine 4-H Foundation about the Magic Lantern Innovation Lab and Learning Center in Bridgton asking for donations was passed around.

Treasurer’s Report – a motion made and seconded to accept the July report as read.

Club Reports

  • Horse & Rider finished horse camp, had two horses to use. The kids ran an obstacle course. They took advantage of a rainy day and painted the exhibit hall. Finishing up projects for the exhibit hall.
  • Horse of Course will meet so that they can enter their painted model horses in the exhibit hall. Have some interest from new kids.
  • Rails N’ Trails – went to Eastern States tryouts and did very well. One member is showing, and one is going as a teen leader. Meeting at Cloverleaf Stables. Sold steer tickets at True Value.

Old Business

  • Photo Contest – see office report below.
  • Hancock County 4-H Service Award – Terry sent out a notice and it was up for comments, Joyce may have put it up on the website.

New Business

  • Cloverfest – bowling alley (pizza and entertainment!) or Franklin Vets Club? Check with Surry School for October 18th (Lisa)
  • Start thinking about Leaders’ Banquet.
  • Blue Hill Fair
  • Steer Tickets- none back yet, only 1000 left at the office.
  • Food Booth
  • Siding- mostly done, the Fair is happy with it.
  • Lots of new doors too!
  • Grease traps were done, need to do the one in the booth and re assemble.
  • Six slots open if Judy Nevells crew does Monday morning. Maybe Joyce could call Becky Ames, have them pick up a Thursday shift.
  • Activity Tent- Aquaculture kids will be doing things all weekend, Chubbs may be there. There may be a person doing a tick presentation.
  • Dwight brought BHF passes to the office. He has the vehicle passes.
  • Office Report
  • Aquaculture activities-
  • kids will be at the fair with several exhibits. They are requesting funds from the LA. They want to make & sell fish-shaped cookies to benefit the food booth. Need ~$64. Will also have samples of farm-raised halibut.
  • Would like to get 10 T-shirts from Zazzle to identify themselves, would be ~$100.
  • Terry says that each county project gets $50 to spend.
  • Photo contest
  • Should we subsidize foam board backing? It looks much better than the cardboard backed pictures.
  • Fewer entries this year
  • The judging cards now have more feedback, people seem to like it.
  • One of the judges from Fire Chicks Photography said she would hold a workshop for the kids next year. Invite to Jamboree?
  • Should we reconsider some of the dates that events are held on? Joyce has put together a list containing the academic year calendar and possible dates to hold things on. Put on the agenda for next meeting.
  • This year, they are thinking of holding the 4-H Volunteer Unconference in Ellsworth. Probably January 2020. Includes groups of teens.
  • Hannah Carter (the new dean of Cooperative Extension) will be here on Friday of Labor Day weekend; she’ll have lunch and help out in the food booth. Will also be around on October 4th.
  • Interviewing for the new community education assistant position next week; there are a group of really good candidates.
  • Susan Jennings is available to talk to us about investing our money.
  • Outstanding 4-H club award with the Ellsworth Rotary- get information on what would be required this year, awards would not go out until next year.
  • Ask Rotary if they could do a shift at the food booth?

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Carney


Cooking with Kids

Garden Skillet Sizzle

1 zucchini, coarsely chopped
1 yellow squash, coarsely chopped
1 red bell pepper, seeded and coarsely chopped
1 green pepper, seeded and coarsely chopped
1 yellow bell pepper, seeded and coarsely chopped
1 cup grape tomatoes, halved
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
2 tablespoons of reduced-fat Italian dressing
¼ cup of grated Parmesan cheese

1.Wash and chop the vegetables as indicated above.
2.Add the vegetable oil, then heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
3.Add the zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and grape tomatoes to the skillet.  Sauté them until they are tender, about 10 minutes, turning them occasionally.
4.Place the sautéed vegetables in a large serving bowl, add the dressing and Parmesan cheese, and mix them until they are evenly coated.