Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

UMaine Cooperative Extension’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) provides nutrition education to parents and kids across Hancock County. Normally we do in-person classes, but because this is not possible at the momentwe’ve created a series of videos with nutrition information, as well as some tips and resources for cooking with kids and other nutrition education activities for kids at home.

Enroll today for our EFNEP Program!

Are you interested in learning more about making healthy choices for you and your family using MyPlate, how to save money on food at the grocery store, and how to keep your food safe to eat?  Do you have children under the age of 18 in your household?  Then our online EFNEP nutrition program is for you!  
If you would like to enroll in our program, please complete the information below and and EFNEP staff member will contact you.

EFNEP Nutrition Program Enrollment Form – (CLICK HERE!)

10-Steps to a Healthier You

Once you enroll, learn how you can earn these items: a cookbook, shopping bag, water bottle, cutting mat, measuring cups and spoons, and meat and refrigerator thermometers? If you live in Hancock County and have youth living in your home, you are eligible to participate in our Eat Well by Mail: 10-Steps to a Healthier You.  This is a free, self-paced learn-by-mail  nutrition series including; Cutting Food Costs, Reading Labels, Making Healthy Food Choices, and more.

Additional Nutrition Programs Available

    • Printable Youth Nutrition Education Materials – Available to schools and other organizations working with youth.

    • One-on-one Basic Nutrition – One-on-one nutrition lessons for adults living with children by phone or video.

    • “Mainely Dish” Recipe Video series
    • Kid approved healthy recipes from Oregon State University – Food Hero
    • Eat Well Newsletters