Maine Solutions: Community Governance

relief map of MaineSolving community problems in a new way

Maine Solutions projects are implemented using principals of community governance. The projects grow out of the collaborative efforts of government, businesses, and non-profits and support sustainable community objectives. Elements of the process include:

  1. A problem or opportunity defined by the community and addressing at least one Maine Solutions objective is brought to the advisory committee.
  2. Upon review, the advisory committee designates a Maine Solutions project and appoints a neutral community convener, who can lead a team to address the challenge.
  3. A Maine Solutions Team representing businesses, non-profits, and citizens, as well as state, local and other government entities who are affected by the issue, work towards a solution, with facilitation from Maine Solutions or other appropriate professionals.
  4. An integrated solution that leverages the resources of the Solution Team to meet the challenge at hand and sustainability objectives.
  5. Team members sign a declaration of cooperation committing their resources and time in an integrated action plan.