Maine Solutions

relief map of MaineSolving community problems in a new way

The mission of Maine Solutions is to address community-based issues through sustainable solutions that support social, economic, environmental, and community objectives. These solutions are built through the collaborative efforts of businesses, government, and non-profit organizations. Sustainable solutions are best achieved by working across sectors, jurisdictions, interests, and issues.

Maine Solutions provides the mechanism and the place for this type of problem-solving to occur. Our staff works with communities to bring diverse partners to the table.  By using a collaborative process, the partners reach agreements on what they will do together to solve the problem at hand.

Maine Solutions integrates and makes efficient use of public and private investments, overcomes impediments early on, elevates the visibility of the project and engages communities in creating effective solutions.

“Issues at the community and state level are increasingly complex. We need all who are affected by those issues to be involved in learning about the impacts and framing solutions in a collaborative fashion. Citizens expect us to work together to resolve difficult public issues. Maine Solutions puts tested elements of community governance and collaborative problem-solving into play to create agreements for moving forward with all stakeholders in support.”

Representatives Chris Rector (R), Thomaston and Ted Koffman (D), Bar Harbor, Co-Chairs, Maine Solutions Advisory Committee

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