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Alphabetical List of Critters - Fall Webworm

The Fall Webworm (Hyphantria cunea), is a type of moth larva in the family Arctiidae which makes a communal webbed nest in the limbs of a wide variety of hardwood trees such as apple, cherry, ash, willow, oak, birch, elm, and other deciduous species in the late summer and fall.  Not to be confused with the more destructive Eastern Tent Caterpillar, this one is mainly an aesthetic pest with regards to the nests so the larvae are not believed to harm otherwise healthy trees.  Fall webworm does not resemble the Eastern Tent Caterpillar larva very much, however, in its appearance, even though there can be quite a variation in the fall webworm’s coloration.

Detailed Fact Sheet: Fall Webworm (Maine Forest Service)

Pair of Fall Webworm caterpillars on a crabapple leaf
Pair of Fall Webworm caterpillars feeding on a crabapple leaf

A Fall Webworm adult (moth)
Fall Webworm Adult (moth)


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