Homemakers Promoting Community-Based Adult Education

Extension Homemakers is a volunteer group that develops leadership skills, supports community causes, and promotes UMaine Extension’s educational programs in nine Maine counties. These organized programs are part of the statewide network of Extension Homemakers.

Local group members meet throughout the year to participate in educational programs and identify community projects, such as providing assistance to local food pantries or nursing homes or veterans groups, funding educational scholarships or youth camp programs.

In 2018, over 460 Extension Homemakers took the opportunity to learn with others, make friends, contribute to their community and county, donating their time, money, and materials to numerous community agencies and projects. Homemakers from over 40 Local Extension Homemaker Groups met and delivered or engaged in Extension programming involving over 1,800 participants and 200 programs including food, personal and community; nutrition and health; gardening and environmental, financial planning and the consumer; personal growth; and cultural and creative arts.

In many Maine counties, Extension Homemakers remain a traditional and vital part of the community fabric. They also provide direct and indirect benefits in terms of volunteer hours, fundraising, and material donations.

In 2019, the total estimated monetary value of the Extension Homemaker program to their communities was nearly $700,000.

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Extension Homemakers Are Key to Lifetime Learning

Extension Homemaker group members help to extend the resources of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension into their communities through educational opportunities and service projects. Local members in most counties in Maine belong to their local community group, their county group, and the state group, Maine Extension Homemakers Council.

Who may join an Extension group?

Anyone who is interested in learning new information to improve their personal, family, and community life.

How can I join an Extension group?

You may join by calling your local UMaine Extension county office. They will connect you with the local groups in your area.

Why should I join an Extension group?

By being a member of Extension Homemakers, you will have the opportunity to learn with others, make new friends, and contribute to your community, county, and state. You will gain additional leadership skills and be able to share your interests and talents with others.

The Extension Homemakers Creed

six hands linking to show team spirit

Let us join together to educate and serve the members of our organization and the community.

Let us be aware of and be concerned for each other.

Let us do all things in a caring manner and with true enjoyment.

We truly believe in the home and community involvement that living in a free county allows us.

May our examples provide a beacon for others to follow and may our efforts ensure a future for homemakers everywhere.

– Caroline Mayo, Author, Franklin County Homemaker; adopted 1995