Member’s and Advisor’s Corner

The Maine Extension Homemaker Member’s and Advisor’s Corner has been set up to assist with the communications between Maine Extension Homemakers and UMaine Cooperative Extension staff members with job responsibilities to assist and support the Extension Homemakers in various parts of the state.  A password may be required to view the material on the Maine Extension Homemakers Council (MEHC) Officers and Advisors page.

Maine Extension Homemaker Council Officers:

President: Bea LaPlante

Vice-President: Barbara Lord

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Judy Mann

Extension Staff Member Contacts:

Program Administrator to MEHC: Lisa Phelps

Advisor to MEHC: Lisa Fishman

Past Presidents Advisor: Lisa Fishman

Aroostook County Advisor: Lisa Fishman

Cumberland County Advisor: Cathy Gray

Franklin County Advisor: Lisa Fishman

Hancock County Advisor: Lisa Fishman

Oxford County Advisor: Cathy Gray

Somerset County Advisor: Lisa Fishman

Washington County Advisor: Alan Majka

York County Advisor: Cathy Gray