Job Opening for an Invasive Species Management Program Coordinator

Cliff Island Corporation for Athletics, Conservation, and Education (“ACE”) is seeking an Invasive Species Management Program Coordinator for Summer 2019. A non-profit organization founded in 1977, ACE has obtained and stewarded open space properties on Cliff Island for the benefit of Island community members and their guests for both active and passive recreation. We provide support to the Cliff Island Public School in both its academic and athletic programs. We have also provided various programs of educational, recreational and entertainment content for our entire community which expand upon and enrich the experience of living on an off-shore island.

In 2009 ACE instituted an Invasive Species Management Program. Now, as we plan for our coming summer season, we seek a strong candidate to lead our effort to continue and expand upon the first ten years of work.

The Position: Our ideal candidate would have many of the following qualifications. S/he should be:

  • a college or grad student (or recent grad), with some background in biology, environmental science, or related fields;
  • knowledgeable about plants, and preferably invasives, and passionate about the environment;
  • able to work both independently and under supervision;
  • capable of managing an assistant;
  • organized and a skillful communicator in person and in writing;
  • willing to do physical labor outdoors; and
  • flexible, diplomatic, and self-assured.

The Program Coordinator must live on Cliff Island during the June-July-August period. Compensation will be commensurate with related experience, education, and skill level.  Housing will be provided.

Please provide by email a resume with cover letter to: or by snail mail to: Roger Berle – 11 Oasis Landing, Falmouth, Maine 04105-1649. Phone questions to: (207) 712-5565.