Free Webinar on Invasive Jumping Worm Research

As part of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s fall agriculture in-service meeting, there is an earthworm research webinar that is open and free.   Note this is a research webinar, may not be geared toward homeowners/general public.

Register at link below and see description pasted below from this website:

State of the Science:  Jumping Worm Research & the JWORM Working Group 

Session Time: Session 4 – Nov 4 – 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Description: Jumping worms are increasingly found in urban, managed, and natural landscapes and consequently have reached the notice of many gardeners, farmers, and natural resource professionals.  In response to the many questions around the biology, impacts, and management of jumping worms, the NY Invasive Species Research Institute has been coordinating with researchers in the Northeast and Midwest to form the Jumping Worm Outreach Research and Management (JWORM) Working Group.

In this session, the JWORM Working Group will give an overview of jumping worm biology & impacts, provide an update on the most recent research findings, and articulate the research needs that the group has identified.  The presenters will then engage in an interactive discussion with participants on research needs as well as answer questions via a facilitated Q&A session.

Presenters:  Dr. Annise Dobson, Postdoctoral Researcher, Yale University,  Dr. Andrea Davalos, Assistant Professor, SUNY Cortland,  Dr. Brad Herrick, Ecologist & Research Program ,  Zanager, UW Madison Arboretum,  Dr. Timothy McCay, Professor, Colgate University,   Dr. Kyle Wickings, Associate Professor, Cornell University