Updates to the List of Non-Native Species

US Geological Survey is updating the Comprehensive List of Non-Native Species Established in 3 Major Regions of the US. One of the lead authors, Annie Simpson, contacted invasive species experts seeking feedback and suggested additions – based on authoritative resources such as peer reviewed journal articles, pest alerts, databases, books, and technical bulletins. The published version of this dataset will be made freely available on USGS’ ScienceBase (https://www.sciencebase.gov), and all reviewers will be acknowledged in the dataset’s abstract. Ms. Simpson seeks input by 25 July, 2021.
If you are interested in adding to this update, please send an email to nec2@cornell.edu. Examples of solicited input include specific suggestions for changes to the US Register, backed by an authoritative reference; references about species introduced to the US; references with approximate dates of introduction of species.