A Hands-On Workshop on Brown Tail Moth Removal

Saturday, February 18th
(Rain/Snow date Feb 25th)
527 Center Minot Hill Road, Minot

Those itchy Browntail Moth caterpillars are at the forefront of everyone’s minds come Spring, but did you know that you can kill them in the winter before they become a nuisance?  Join us and UMaine Extension for a hands-on workshop to learn how to remove Browntail Moth nests.  We will have a brief overview of how to identify this invasive species during each of its life cycles, and why it is important to remove them. Then participants will have the chance to remove the nests of the chosen tree.  We hope that you will take this newfound knowledge to your own backyards and work on removal all across the state!

This is an outdoor event. Please dress in warm layers appropriate for the weather that day. Participants are encouraged to bring their own pruning equipment and work gloves.  Pole saws, hand saws, and loppers will be available for participants to try as well.

Registration is requested but not required. For more information, or to register click here.