Tree Fruit Pest Management

a pair of apples hanging on a treeThe Tree Fruit IPM program provides newsletters, pest forecasts, field visits, diagnostics and troubleshooting, educational presentations, applied research, and other management support to help tree fruit growers optimize yield while also meeting economic, environmental, social and personal objectives.

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Mission Statement

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension Tree Fruit Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program helps growers make optimum pest management decisions by providing state-of-the-art information on pest biology, monitoring, and management options. In addition to background information for planning, the IPM Program provides updates on the current and upcoming apple pest situation during the growing season.

The program gathers information from all available sources, (including grower experience, scientific journals, and communication with research/Extension colleagues in the northeast) and disseminates it through publications, individual consultations, and educational presentations.

With improved decision-making resources, growers are better able to reach their safety, economic, environmental, and social goals. The goal of the program is to facilitate a systematic and strategic approach to tree fruit pest problems for commercial and hobbyist growers. The strategy is built by selection and use of tactics in a complementary manner.

Activities & Resources