Pesticide Applicator License Categories and Training Manuals

Before a pesticide applicator’s license can be issued, potential applicators must earn certification by passing the appropriate exam(s). Exams are based on the Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals. The exams you have to pass depend on the type of license you’re seeking and the category/commodity in which you’re required to be certified.

ALL APPLICATORS must pass the Core Exam, which is best studied for using the CORE Manual (hardcopy) (PDF).

Below are brief descriptions of the license types with a list of the exam(s) required for each. To purchase a hard-copy manual, click on the exam name. Some manuals are also available as PDFs. See the UMaine Cooperative Extension Store to browse manuals by license type.


Required for growers who apply ONLY general-use pesticides to crops intended for human consumption on their property, or property leased/rented to them, and sell more than $1000 annually.


Required for growers who apply ANY restricted-use pesticides on their property or property rented/leased by them. Growers include farmers, foresters, greenhouse/nursery operators, florists, etc.

Pesticide Applicator Logbook (Free with Core Manual hard copy or may be purchased separately)


Required for applicators who apply pesticides for hire or make applications to non-agricultural areas accessible to the public, under the supervision of a master commercial applicator.

* Government officials only

Requires an additional certification category

Note: Commercial operators cannot be certified in a category if their supervising master applicator is not also certified in that category.


Required for applicators who apply pesticides for hire or make applications to non-agricultural areas accessible to the public and are primarily responsible for their company’s/organization’s/office’s pest management and pesticide use practices. Every company/organization/office that applies pesticides must have at least one individual with a master commercial applicator license.

  • CORE | PDF
  • Minimum of one category (for EACH category you make applications in, you must be certified) See the list above.
  • Regulations – Contact the Maine Board of Pesticides Control for the Regulations Manual
  • Oral exam – Study using the Core and Regulations Manuals


For dealers of general-use pesticides only. No certification/exam is required to apply for this license.


Required for dealers of restricted-use pesticides.

Certification Exams

The pesticide applicator training manuals are self-study guides. Allow yourself adequate time to read and understand the material before you take an exam.

All exams must be arranged with the Maine Board of Pesticides Control (BPC).

To schedule an exam, use the BPC Portal or call the BPC office at 207-287-2731

After passing the appropriate exam(s), you can apply for a license.

For more information on licensing and certification visit the BPC’s Licensing and Certification page or contact them: 207.287.2731 or

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