Pesticide Applicator Recertification Training

To maintain certification in Maine, pesticide applicators must earn continuing education credits. Credits can be earned by attending approved workshops put on by University of Maine Cooperative Extension, the Maine Board of Pesticides Control (BPC), and other organizations. The number of recertification credits required in the 3-year certification period depends on the applicator’s license type:

  • Agricultural Basic – 3
  • Private Applicator – 6
  • Commercial Applicator – Operator – 6
  • Commercial Applicator – Master – 9

Maine private pesticide applicator licenses must be renewed by October 31st, every 3 years.

Commercial pesticide applicator licenses must be renewed by December 31st, every 3 years.

Licenses cannot be renewed if the applicator’s certification has lapsed.

Upcoming recertification training offered by UMaine Extension:


See Video Training or the Potato Program for online recertification training videos.

The Cranberry Program also offers online recertification credits.

For more opportunities to earn recertification credits, check the BPC Credit Calendar.