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Impact on Maple Syrup Producers

What difference has the grading school made for producers?

A long-term (N=151) survey showed the difference that the school makes on participants.

  • 92% of respondents gave the school an overall rating of 8-10 on a 10-point scale.
  • 80% of participants (151) have increased their knowledge about producing high quality syrup by 2-6 steps on a seven-step scale
  • Respondents were asked about implementation of five maple syrup grading skills as a result of attending the school. Practice implementation rates ranged from 43% to 87% for all five skills as a result of attending the school. Fifteen replied that they have judged a syrup contest as a result of the school.
  • 96% of respondents said networking with other producers increased their knowledge about grading maple syrup and 81% are still in contact with other participants.
  • Of the impact of the school on their business: 75% stated that the school saved them money, 63% increased their profit, 70% increased their sales, 70% reduced their costs and 10% added employees.
  • Estimates of the dollar value impact on their business:
    • Saved money – 85% saved up to $249, 15% saved $250 to over $1000
    • Profit – 33% increased profit from $250 to over $1000
    • Sales – 24% increased sales from $250 to over $1000
    • Costs – 70% reduced costs from $1 to $100, 10% reduced costs from $250 to over $1000
  • Trained judges are available for judging maple contests and fairs.