OSHA Emergency Action Plan for Maple Producers

Emergency Action Plan for: _____________________________________


The primary hazard at ___________________ is ___________________ (fire). The building is/is not equipped with a fire alarm system and/but does have smoke detectors.

Emergency Procedures

In the event that you:

  • discover a fire or chemical spill;
  • smell smoke or the odor of burning or abnormally hot material; or
  • the alarm is sounded

You shall:

  • verbally warn others in the area;
  • if your workspace is not involved and you can do so safely, shut windows and close the door tightly behind you as you leave;
  • evacuate the building, conducting a minimal sweep for visitors on the way out;
  • if you discover a fire or chemical spill, call 911 from a safe place and inform them of what has happened;
  • assemble at the rally point and account for all employees;
  • brief the Fire Department of concerns upon their arrival;
  • remain outside the building until the all clear has been given by the authorities.

Exit Pathways

(See attached building map)

Rally Points

The Rally Point for ___________________ is at ___________________.

At this Rally Point, an accounting of employees will be taken by ___________________ or the most senior of the staff available. If people cannot be accounted for, inform the Emergency Responders.

Employees authorized to remain behind to operate or shut down critical operations:

________________________________________ (NONE)

Use of Emergency Equipment

Although it is policy to evacuate in case of a fire, circumstances may dictate that a fire extinguisher is needed. DO NOT use a fire extinguisher unless:

  1. You have been trained in the hands-on use of an extinguisher within the last year.
  2. You are able to put out the fire witout endangering yourself or others.
  3. You have an open path of escape at all times.

Personal Injury Emergency Procedures

In the even that:

  1. You are injured.
  2. Come upon an injured person.
  3. Encounter what you suspect to be blood or other bodily fluids.

You shall:

  1. Call 911 and inform them of what has happened.
  2. If the victim is other than yourself, administer first aid only if you have been trained and are using the proper personal protective equipment.
  3. If the situation involves suspected blood or other bodily fluids and no victim, you should still call 911 and inform the dispatcher. Keep people away from the suspected bodily fluid. (DO NOT attempt a clean up on your own.)


Periodic safety audits will be conducted by the employees and safety coordinator reducing the risks of hazards within the workspaces. Once an emergency or safety situation has been mitigated, an incident investigation will be completed, and corrective measures will be implemented to prevent future recurrence of the problem.

Implementation and Maintenance

This plan will be reviewed and exercised when the plan is first implemented, whenever a new employee is hired, when changes necessitate, or at least once a year. The training will cosist of providing a copy of the Emergency Action Plan and evacuation map to the employee, explaining procedures, walking through an evacuation, and answering any questions the employee has.

Annual evacuation drills will be conducted.

The person responsible for updating and training this Emergency Action Plan is:


Training Record for Emergency Action Plan

This document is to record that training as outlined in the Emergency Action Plan has taken place. (See Implementation section.)

Date of Training:

Employee Trained:

Employee ID#:

Employee Signature:




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