How do I improve my pasture quality for my horses?


I am new to having horses at home and I am unsure if the quality of my pasture is right for the horses. I am sending off a soil test this week but I am looking for recommendations of pasture seed to put out now to help with what I already have for native grasses. Also, should I put down “weed and feed” as well?


It is great that you are doing a soil test to see what nutrients need to be adjusted. We do have a factsheet Pasture and Hay for Horses that lists suggested seed mixtures at the end. I would suggest not using Alsike clover since some horses may have a reaction to it. Any of the other clovers are fine. Frost seeding with the clover seed can be done if you have the right conditions in the spring. No need to use a herbicide like Weed and Feed. Please note: Horse pastures can be easily overgrazed if there is not enough space or forage for the animal(s). We suggest at least an acre for each animal unit which is 1,000 pounds of body weight. If the pasture doesn’t have much grass/legumes growing, you may need more space for your horse.